[rt-users] Displaying custom field with Ticket API

Srikumar Nair srikumarp at fb.com
Fri Oct 21 16:54:05 EDT 2011

We have a Global custom field called Search_Criteria in Ticket object.
I am using the following code snippet to display this Search_Criteria in the tickets.

Apparently the print line is not correct; but after searching the mailing lists and the wiki I cannot find the correct way to do this.
What is the correct way here?

my $ticketSql = "Requestor.Name = '$requestor'";

my $tickets4Requestor = RT::Tickets->new(RT->SystemUser);

while (my $request = $tickets4Requestor->Next ) {
   print $request->CF.{Search_Criteria} . "\n";   ### ======> problem line.


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