[rt-users] expanding TNEF's

Matt Sturtz rt-users at matthouse.com
Thu Oct 27 12:50:47 EDT 2011

Thanks -- not sure how I missed that, I must have looked at these settings
5 different times...

In Exchange 2010, the option is called "Use MAPI rich text format", and
its on the General tab of hte contact.


> You must deactivate the "send RTF messages" on the exchange contact.
> We had the same problem here but with exchange 2007.
> -Chris
> Am 27.10.2011 01:54, schrieb Matt Sturtz:
>> Hi,
>> I have an RT-3.8.10 with two queues, behind Exchange 2010.  On the
>> Exchange side, each queue is set up as a "contact", which forwards over
>> to
>> the RT box.  /etc/aliases has the typical call to "|rt-mailgate --queue
>> QUEUENAME --action correspond --url http://rt/" for each queue.
>> One of the queues accepts and deals with attachments just fine, and that
>> queue has existed on RT for many years, through several versions.  The
>> other queue, which is pretty new, does not accept attachments -- by that
>> I
>> mean the only thing in the ticket is a winmail.dat file.
>> As far as I can tell, they are configured the same way, both on Exchange
>> and on RT -- but its entirely possible I'm missing something, as I
>> wouldn't call myself a subject matter expert on either one.
>> Using Google, I found several links where people had similar problems.
>> One solution I found was to put a call to /usr/bin/tnef in the pipeline
>> in
>> front of rt-mailgate.  smrsh didn't like that, even though I did install
>> tnef and symlink it in /etc/smrsh (the error indicates that smrsh
>> doesn't
>> like more than one pipe).  In any case, that didn't seem to apply, since
>> only ONE of my queues is having this problem, and the other works.
>> On the RT wiki, I searched for "tnef" and "winmail.dat", and found
>> nothing.
>> Any thoughts would be much appreciated...
>> -Matt-

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