[rt-users] Sorting custom fields

Andy Harrison aharrison at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 14:40:14 EST 2012

My collection of queues and ticket custom fields finally got unwieldy
enough to really want something simpler to reorder the fields.  Not that it
isn't fun to hit Move Up and Move Down a thousand times... ;)


Run this script with --dump.  Edit the resulting yaml file.  If you're
using vim, this generally consists of hitting dd and p a few times here and
there to get things to your liking.  Don't change the format, just reorder
the lines and save the yaml file.

Run the script with --load.  This will read the yaml file and make custom
fields appear in the same order that they are in the yaml file you just

All reads and writes are done through the RT API, so no perilous direct sql
calls or anything.

Andy Harrison
public key: 0x67518262
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