[rt-users] Subject tab and change queue

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at obspm.fr
Mon Dec 24 05:23:12 EST 2012

 Le 24/12/2012 ? 10:53:51+0100, Joop a écrit
> Albert Shih <Albert.Shih at obspm.fr> wrote:
> >Hi all, 
> >
> >I've many queue but only one for the customers, lets say (helpdesk) so
> >every ticket is create with something like t
> >
> >	[Helpdesk #Ticket_ID] "subject-use-by-customer"
> >
> >after the ticket is create we change the ticket to other queue, lets
> >say
> >(network problem) so the subjet become
> >
> >	[Network Problem #Ticket_ID] [Helpdesk #Ticket_ID]
> >"subject-use-by-customer"
> >
> >Any method to have only 
> >
> >	[Network Problem #Ticket_ID] "subject-use-by-customer"
> >
> Not knowing your version of RT mine does it correcly. I'm using 4.0.5 and use the subject tag available at the queue level.

I'm running 4.0.8

> Tag of general is Helpdesk and the tag for network operations is NOC when a ticket is moved from general its subject tag changes to NOC #xyz


I find where suck in my configuration. 

To making the change of queue I use RT-CommandbyEmail, that's mean I just
reply the first mail (with [Helpdesk #Ticket_ID] as subject) with 


but my mua add "Re:" so the subject received by RT is not

	[Helpdesk #Ticket_ID]


	Re: [Helpdek #Ticket_ID]

I try to change a ticket from the web interface and as you say it's working
(RT don't add a second time the tag). 

But....in my team many user use commandbyemail...so any tips to make it's
work with commandbyemail (without changing our mua config...)

Thanks for the help


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not at all....;-)

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