[rt-users] permissions in v4 versus v3.8.7

Poulter, Dale dale.poulter at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jan 4 16:07:07 EST 2012


We are working towards migrating our RT installation from v3.8.7 to v4.0.4, but have encountered an issue with permissions.  We have a queue(maintenance) that gets many requests daily and often fills up the Newest Unowned section of the RT at a Glance.  In v3.8.7 we were able to give everyone create ticket rights to the maintenance queue but not view rights.  This resulted in everyone being able to submit to the maintenance queue but not see the unowned tickets.  In version 4 I have the same settings but the unowned tickets are showing even if the "view queue" is not selected.  Is this still possible in version 4? Am I missing something obvious?  Thanks.


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