[rt-users] Automation

Ram Moskovitz ram0502 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 16:12:13 EST 2012

Our office RT4 installation is humming a long. Training is going reasonably
well. Now for some automation...
We have a few very common requests that come in - folks looking for a
particular report.
I'd like to add a link somewhere in RT (perhaps on the Basics page or a new
page instead of Basics?) where I can wire in a scrip (or perl module of any
flavor... we have good perl skills in house) that will:
1 Build a URL based on well defined fields in the request
2 Pull a file from the dynamic URL
3 Correspond to requestor: with canned text (substitutions from the
original request), attaching the retrieved file, changing the status to

What's the right way to go about this?
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