[rt-users] RES: Help to configure incoming e-mails

Karl Banasky karl at heatcon.com
Thu Jul 12 23:48:37 EDT 2012

    So it sounds like your aliases are not setup correctly for the RT
    queue. I would verify that email to the queue is going to the queue.
    BTW you error referance is with postfix. The errors coming from RT
    are in either the HTML server logs or the system logs. Email comes
    in the gets sent via a pipe to a "web page" which renders the email
    "data" and renders it appropriately.

    To send an email via the command line do (how I did it, probably not
    the best):
             # /etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate --queue <'QUEUE NAME'> --action
    correspond --url http(s)://<IP or HOSTNAME>:<port#>
    (--no-verify-ssl) --debug < /dir/to/sometext.file

    Hopefully you can translate that to work for you. Stuff in () is
    optional depending on your configuration. Once you run that you will
    get a response back with more info.  If it errors then you got to
    get that resolved if it works then the problem or error is within



    My setup is near what you want to achieve, but i used procmail/RT
    CLI instead of CommandBymail.

    With ExchangeServer (mine is Office365) I configured postfix to send
    all the outgoing mails with From field same as the user who logs on
    Since apache user send mail the exchange server may block because
    you log as ticket at yourdomain.com and the mail arrives as www-data
    at hostname.domain.com.

    Look for smtp_generic_maps for postfix, for msmtp I dont know how to do.

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    Assunto: [rt-users] Help to configure incoming e-mails

    Hi all,

    I'm configuring RT to a customer. It runs all enabled features
    except the creation of defects using an e-mail. I have installed
    CommandByMail and it was installed successfully.

    I'm going to describe the problem:
    - Machine_A
    -> Unix
    -> RT installation (4.0.5)
    -> msmstp
    - Machine_B
    -> Windows
    -> Exchange server

    When I send an email from Machine_A (or Machine_B) to RT to create
    the ticket in a specific queue, the mail log indicates the next
    "status = sent (205 2.0.6): Queued mail for delivery", and the
    ticket is not created logically. But RT sends the e-mail when
    someone comments in a ticket.

    When I send the e-mail from Machine_A, I get the next e-mail address:
    "aliases at machine_a.com" but I want to send it to "aliases at
    I think the problem is in the mail configuration or on the
    connection between the machines. But I don't :-(

    Could you help me?

    Thank you very much!!

    Best regards,

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