[rt-users] Missing headers on Download

Brian Schrock Brian.Schrock at gardencitygroup.com
Thu Jul 19 10:05:27 EDT 2012

Thank you, I noticed the same thing so I am modifying the dhandler script to walk the attachment tree up to the parent until Parent=0.


my $AttachmentObjParent = new RT::Attachment( $session{'CurrentUser'} );
$AttachmentObjParent->Load( $AttachmentObj->Parent );

And then I added this later in the file...
$m->out( $AttachmentObjParent->Headers );

Thanks for the response that is exactly the kind of info I needed.

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On 07/18/2012 02:47 PM, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
>> When we click on the “Download (untitled) / with headers” link we get
>> some of the headers, but the FROM TO and SUBJECT are missing. Is
>> there a way to change RT so that it does display those headers when we click that link?
> Probably you have multipart message and subject, from and many other
> headers are only on top part of the mail. This view is mostly for
> admins rather than mortals :)

A trick that generally works (but not always, esp. on high traffic RTs):

Click on the "with headers" link for the first part of the message (usually text/* for multipart/ mail) and then subtract one from the number at the end of the URL to get the top-level parent part with the headers you want.


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