[rt-users] Global scrips not showing up

Karger, Amir Amir_Karger at hms.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 14 09:07:31 EDT 2012

We're running RT 4.0.5. If I go to Configuration->Global->Scrips->Select,
I don't see any scrips. So where are the global scrips (e.g., email
comments to AdminCc's) hiding? They're in initialdata, but editing them
there won't help, will it?

I'm asking because sometimes we want to archive the fact that we did a
certain task for a ticket, but it doesn't need to fill everyone's mailbox.
I'd like to set up a Scrip where, if I input some (highly unique) string
in the Subject line, then RT doesn't email all AdminCc's. (Even cooler
would be if the unique string gets removed or modified before hitting the
database, so that if someone comments on that comment for some reason, the
email *will* go to AdminCc's.) Preferably, this would be on a queue by
queue basis, though if we make the string random enough, maybe it could be
global and nobody would notice.

A quick search of the archives & wiki didn't turn anything up.


-Amir Karger

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