[rt-users] Global scrips not showing up

Karger, Amir Amir_Karger at hms.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 14 10:25:21 EDT 2012

From: Thomas Sibley <trs at bestpractical.com>

> On 06/14/2012 09:07 AM, Karger, Amir wrote:
> >Where are the global scrips (e.g., email comments to AdminCc's) hiding?
> >I'd like to set up a Scrip where, if I input some (highly unique) string
> >in the Subject line, then RT doesn't email all AdminCc's. (Even cooler
> >would be if the unique string gets removed or modified before hitting
> >database, so that if someone comments on that comment for some reason,
> >email *will* go to AdminCc's.) Preferably, this would be on a queue by
> >queue basis, though if we make the string random enough, maybe it could
> >global and nobody would notice.
> Why not just use the normal notification squelching available on the
> ticket reply page?
> See the "Scrips and Recipients" below the message box on the reply page.

Ah, I didn't give enough detail. We have a bash script that runs a command
and emails RT with the results. This lets us record what we actually did
(and the stdout result) into the ticket without cutting and pasting from
our ssh window. But it's not going through the web interface.

(It's your fault for giving us diverse UIs!)


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