[rt-users] mail AdminCC when moving ticket from queue to queue

Jennifer Koermer JKoermer at prg.com
Thu Jun 21 13:14:09 EDT 2012

You can create a global scrip with the following:
[cid:image001.png at 01CD4FAF.B7D19810]

I created a customized template that also includes the first content on the ticket, this makes it a little easier to keep track of what the ticket is actually about without needing to log into the system.  Here is my template content:

RT-Attach-Message: yes

{$Transaction->CreatedAsString}: Request {$Ticket->id} was acted upon.
Transaction: {$Transaction->Description}
       Queue: {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}
     Subject: {$Transaction->Subject || $Ticket->Subject || "(No subject given)"}
       Owner: {$Ticket->OwnerObj->Name}
  Requestors: {$Ticket->RequestorAddresses}
      Status: {$Ticket->Status}
Ticket <URL: {RT->Config->Get('WebURL')}Ticket/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id} >

Transaction Content:

Original Ticket Content:

Jennifer Koermer
System Administrator IV

Production Resource Group, LLC
915 Secaucus Road, Secaucus, NJ 07094
201-758-4349 phone
201-758-4350 fax
201-232-7691 cell
jkoermer at prg.com<mailto:jkoermer at prg.com>

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Subject: [rt-users] mail AdminCC when moving ticket from queue to queue

Hi, how do I get the RT to send a mail to AdminCC when moving a ticket from one queue to another

Thanks and Regards
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