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you don't have to necessarily do this with Cronjob. RT has Dashboards that
can run Queries on a scheduled basis and send the results to whomever you

Try creating a Search or series of searches, depending on who is
responsible for what Queues/Tickets, and then saving those searches for a
group or globally and then put those searches into a dashboard or series of
dashboards and set them up to run based on need.

For example, if you want Queue/Ticket owners to get a list of tickets that
have been in the Queue for more than a week and have no time worked or
whatever, create a search to do that and then put it into a dashboard for
that person/Queue persons.

OR, you can set up a search to run in cronjob.

Just a thought.


On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Glenn E. Sieb
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> So I have a bunch of queues here. I want to set up rt-crontool to send out
> the "Hey--this ticket is more than xx hours old! Do something!" emails to
> the AdminCCs of the queues in question.
> My question is, I have a bunch of queues for one department, that all
> begin with a pattern (say, "CS-"). Is it possible to do a TicketSQL that
> matches any queue that matches "CS-%" (or "CS-*" or similar)? I tried
> playing in the Advanced search tool, with no success. But I am the first to
> admit my SQL is weak.
> Thanks in advance, as always!
> Best,
> --Glenn
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