[rt-users] Require Custom Field for Status Change?

Mike Kennedy michael.kennedy at ucr.edu
Mon Nov 5 11:56:36 EST 2012


Does anyone have a suggestion about how I might go about requiring some set of custom fields to be filled before a status change can happen? We have a queue that I have on a custom lifecycle. In order to allow a transition from one status "user testing" to "resolved", I want to require that two custom fields are filled out.

One way I think I can do this is to write a scrip that checks to see if these are filled out and then reverses the status change with an email to the person making the change. However, this isn't very user friendly. Preferably, there would be a friendly error message on the screen stating that the fields were required for this status change. A validation on the fields wouldn't make sense since they aren't actually required until later in the workflow and as far as I know.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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