[rt-users] Creating Tickets from forwarded emails?

Christoph (Stucki) von Stuckrad stucki-rt-users at mi.fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 16 08:04:11 EST 2012

On Sun, 14 Oct 2012, Jonathan Mills wrote:

> Yes, I've read of that solution also.  However, ... to do each time
> ... will fail ...

I second that, having seen lots of these in the years we use RT.
(Even if 'we' normally have some 'Bounce'-Method, it sometimes fails).

AND just by coincidence I aM searching for the same(!?) Solution for
another Problem!

IF somebody creates a kind of 'umbrella list' for errors/support-calls,
and one of the recipients is a RT-queue, then this queue
- must not reply to the list (else we get loops)
- does not use (know?) the real sender for the requestor, but uses
  the liSts sender/reply-to address.

The latter is the same problem as 'forwarded' in this thread.
Only there never can be anybody, to fix it by explicitely setting
some Adresses -- the only way would be a 'scrip' or 'Filter'
to switch from (whateber RT does now) to preferring/accepting
the ORIGINAL 'From: address' Header.

Did somebody see such a fix?

Thanks,   Stucki

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