[rt-users] RT 4.0.8 still not receiving incoming tickets via email on ubuntu

Edsall, William (WJ) WJEdsall at dow.com
Fri Nov 16 13:22:50 EST 2012

Incoming mail is a manual process to grab the mail from exchange, then pass it through mailgate.

Here's what I used to achieve incoming mails via Exchange.

I used fetchmail with the IMAP protocol - also the ssl flag was necessary for our server.

Fetchmail command:
fetchmail -f /var/www/html/rt/bin/fetchmailrc --ssl -B 10 --nokeep

While testing fetchmail I used the -c flag so it would just check the mailbox. Upon success it will give you a count of the number of emails in the box. Also use the -v for verbose output while testing.
Until this command reflects a successful connection to your email server, it's not going to work.

Example fetchmailrc -- replace all <vars> with your own values:
poll <Your_Exchange_Server> protocol imap:
username <USERNAME_HERE> password <PASSWORD_HERE> mda "/var/www/html/rt/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://<Your RT URL> --queue '<queue name here>' --action correspond"

Once you get the settings correct, toss the fetchmail script into crontab and have it check regularly.

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Subject: [rt-users] RT 4.0.8 still not receiving incoming tickets via email on ubuntu

I have had problems with incoming tickets not being received into RT.

My setup is:

ubuntu RT server  12.4
sendmail is the MTA

Emails sent from the exchange server (domain X) into RTserver
Emails sent from RT to exchange (outgoing) are working
Emails sent into RT from exchange server (inbound) are not working. /var/log/mail.log does not have any entry for this. I am not sure if the mail is reaching the RT server. Is there any configuration required for rt-mailgate? sendmails /etc/aliases has the correspondence address for general queue already setup.

Could anyone shed some light please?

Many thanks.
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