[rt-users] RES: correcting users annoying behavior

Diaulas Castro diaulas.castro at intersolution.inf.br
Wed Oct 24 12:18:13 EDT 2012

For your question about reminders, i don't have perl knowledge or RT-CRONTOOL but I  made our reminders based on bash scripts with CLI output.

This is sample of my bash script that send mail to everyone with open tickets and not updated on last 2 hours.

/usr/bin/rt ls -o LastUpdated  -t ticket "Status=open AND LastUpdated < '2 hour ago' " -f id,queue,subject,owner,status,lastupdated | grep -v ^Owner | grep -v "No matching results" | grep -v ^$ >> $TEMP

while read line ; do
   DATA=$(date +%s)
   TICKET=`echo $line | awk '{print $1}'`
   QUEUE=` echo $line | awk '{print $2}'`
   OWNER=` echo $line | awk '{print $3}'`
   STATUS=`echo $line | awk '{print $5}'`
   echo "From: ticket at domain"                                                                >  $MAIL
   echo "To: $OWNER; "                                                                                >> $MAIL
   echo "MIME-Version: 1.0"                                                                      >> $MAIL
   echo 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'                     >> $MAIL

   echo " boundary=$DATA/rt.domain"                                                 >> $MAIL
   echo "Subject: [$QUEUE #$TICKET] ALERT: Ticket not updated"            >> $MAIL

  some echos to $MAIL, I  try to "echo" as html code so my reminders got a better look.

End script with

   if [ -s $TEMP ] ; then
     /usr/sbin/sendmail -t < $MAIL
done < $TEMP

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 We have an RT server at our company that is growing in popularity. Other depts are starting to use it and the RT is starting to process more and more tickets. We live in a very big production house that gets very busy and has 'crisis' moments at least a few times week. During such 'crises' users tend to respond to RT tickets by putting the rt-reply address in the CC: field of the email. The email thread could then go on for another 20 to 30 emails or so, each generating a new ticket because RT is in the CC: field and not the TO: field.

 I'm not very optimistic of my chances of walking up to each and every user and wagging my finger in their face to correct the proper RT behavior of leaving RT in the 'TO' field and not the CC' field. So my question to you, dear listers, is is there any way to handle this situation on the RT side? A plugin or setting that gets RT to NOT create a new ticket if it receives mail by way of the CC line of the email?

 Another annoying behavior we're trying to correct is employees forgetting that they have tickets! Is there any way to get RT to email a reminder to the owner of a ticket after X amount of time has passed on a ticket with no activity?


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