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Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Apr 11 04:47:27 EDT 2013


I've reproduced your problem using RT 4.0.8 using the quick search, since
I'm assuming this is where your trying this query?

When you use the quotes it treats the search argument as a string, when you
enter just a number it searches for that ticket ID.
So if you want to search for a number (just a number) you use quotes to
stop RT from looking for a ticket ID.

So far the above scenario is kinda what they mention on the search page:

Search for tickets by entering *id* numbers, subject words *"in quotes"*, *
> queues* by name, Owners by *username*, Requestors by *email address*, and
> ticket *statuses*.
> Any word not recognized by RT is searched for in ticket subjects.
> Entering *initial*, *active*, *inactive*, or *any* limits results to
> tickets with one of the respective types of statuses. Any individual status
> name limits results to just the statuses named.
> Start the search term with the name of a supported field followed by a
> colon, as in *queue:"Example Queue"* and *owner:email at example.com*, to
> explicitly specify the search type.
> CFs may be searched using a similar syntax as above with *cf.Name:value*.
> For the full power of RT's searches, please visit the search builder
> interface <https://rt.bkwi.nl/Search/Build.html>.

But in this case, you search for a word + number. I'd personally expect RT
to treat that entire phrase as a string, so this might be a bug?

Though on the other hand, the above text from the search page clearly
states that subject words should be "in quotes". Which might mean that this
is by design.

Anyways, personally I agree with you and I'd expect a different behaviur in
this situaiton.

But I don't know exactly how this part "should" work, so maybe someone from
bestpractical could drop a line on "this is by design" or "this is a bug"?

Bart G.

2013/4/11 Явор Маринов <ymarinov at neterra.net>

> Forgot to mension - we are using RT 4.0.10
>  Hello,
>> Any comments regards this will be much appreciated because this is
>> critical issue for us. Once you search from the search engine (for example
>> vlan 90) nothing is displayed as results. However if you try to search for
>> "vlan 90" correct results are displayed. So far, this is a big issue,
>> because my colleagues from Support department should know the exact phrase
>> of the subject of the ticket or their ID which is quite frustrating. Is
>> there any work around or probably an addon for RT which should enable
>> "this" type of search.
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