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Явор Маринов ymarinov at neterra.net
Thu Apr 11 04:53:26 EDT 2013

That's right, using the quick search is returning no results if you are 
not using "string with a space"

When I saw the information on the search engine, i really got upset 
because search engines nowadays doesn't work this way.

Probably there is a solution for this, and if I find something related 
will add a comment here. Thank you for your time.

On 04/11/2013 11:47 AM, Bart wrote:
> Hi,
> I've reproduced your problem using RT 4.0.8 using the quick search, 
> since I'm assuming this is where your trying this query?
> When you use the quotes it treats the search argument as a string, 
> when you enter just a number it searches for that ticket ID.
> So if you want to search for a number (just a number) you use quotes 
> to stop RT from looking for a ticket ID.
> So far the above scenario is kinda what they mention on the search page:
>     Search for tickets by entering *id* numbers, subject words *"in
>     quotes"*, *queues* by name, Owners by *username*, Requestors by
>     *email address*, and ticket *statuses*.
>     Any word not recognized by RT is searched for in ticket subjects.
>     Entering *initial*, *active*, *inactive*, or *any* limits results
>     to tickets with one of the respective types of statuses. Any
>     individual status name limits results to just the statuses named.
>     Start the search term with the name of a supported field followed
>     by a colon, as in *queue:"Example Queue"* and
>     *owner:email at example.com <mailto:owner%3Aemail at example.com>*, to
>     explicitly specify the search type.
>     CFs may be searched using a similar syntax as above with
>     *cf.Name:value*.
>     For the full power of RT's searches, please visit the search
>     builder interface <https://rt.bkwi.nl/Search/Build.html>.
> But in this case, you search for a word + number. I'd personally 
> expect RT to treat that entire phrase as a string, so this might be a bug?
> Though on the other hand, the above text from the search page clearly 
> states that subject words should be "in quotes". Which might mean that 
> this is by design.
> Anyways, personally I agree with you and I'd expect a different 
> behaviur in this situaiton.
> But I don't know exactly how this part "should" work, so maybe someone 
> from bestpractical could drop a line on "this is by design" or "this 
> is a bug"?
> -- 
> Bart G.
> 2013/4/11 Явор Маринов <ymarinov at neterra.net 
> <mailto:ymarinov at neterra.net>>
>     Forgot to mension - we are using RT 4.0.10
>         Hello,
>         Any comments regards this will be much appreciated because
>         this is critical issue for us. Once you search from the search
>         engine (for example vlan 90) nothing is displayed as results.
>         However if you try to search for "vlan 90" correct results are
>         displayed. So far, this is a big issue, because my colleagues
>         from Support department should know the exact phrase of the
>         subject of the ticket or their ID which is quite frustrating.
>         Is there any work around or probably an addon for RT which
>         should enable "this" type of search.

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