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Kevin Holleran holleran.kevin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 15:31:17 EDT 2013

Good afternoon,

I am writing a custom scrip that handles a workflow for a ticket.  It has a
custom field Approval.  I want to create a ticket with this field having no
value in Queue A.

I want the Manager of Queue A to come in and Correspond (update) the ticket
with a message & change the custom field to Approved or Rejected.  Then I
want to be able to create a correspondance on the ticket with the value of
the the field Approval prepended to whatever update the user type.  I then
want to reset the approval field back to (no value) and move it to Queue B.

My questions are:

1.)  The custom field is present when I create a ticket, but I want this to
be edited by the person updating the ticket.  How can I get this so it is
shown & updatable by the person approving the ticket?

2.)  How do intercept the message typed in by the user to prepend to the
text message?  It looks like I can use the $ticket->Correspond() method to
set a correspondance and maybe the $transaction->Message() method to return
an Attachment object but I do not see how I can grab the text part of the
message and pre-pend either "Approved - " or "Rejected - " to the front of
it. (or maybe I am waaay of the path here...)  Is there an easier way?

My other consideration is that I just create an additional correspondance
entry with just the word Approved or Rejected, but I would rather not have
users have one message with the approval & another with the reasoning.

There are several other queues A,B,C,D etc that the ticket would move
through and needed approvals through every step.

Thanks for your help.


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