[rt-users] Cloning a transaction into another ticket

Maciej Dobrzanski reg.bestpractical at posterus.com
Mon Apr 15 15:42:08 EDT 2013


Often a person or a group of people have several open tickets for different
things and from time to time they will reply to an incorrect one. I'd like
to have the option either to move or to copy such misdirected correspondence
into the right ticket. Moving seems like a bad idea, because it could break
a lot of internal references, not to mention it's simply not possible within
RT. So I feel like I'm only left with the option to copy a transaction into
a specified ticket and that's fine. While copying a transaction is
relatively easy through RT::Record->_NewTransaction, I have a problem with
cloning attachments. It looks like the RT code expects a complete MIME
object that it could split on its own into attachment records, but all I can
get will already be broken down to RT::Attachment objects. Is there a way to
approach this?


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