[rt-users] 'Everyone' group is missing from upgraded RT installation

Ken Johnson kjohnson at eclypse.org
Thu Apr 18 13:19:14 EDT 2013


Thanks for this very helpful pointer.  As you probably suspected, there was
in fact an Everyone group.  I had failed to understand that I needed to
approach my issue by giving Everyone create privileges on a queue, rather
than by trying to edit the properties of the Everyone group.




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On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 2:05 AM, Ken Johnson <kjohnson at eclypse.org> wrote:

	I recently upgraded an RT installation from 3.4.5 to 4.0.7, in
parallel to
	the original installation, and am still testing RT 4.0.
	In general things look good now, but I ran in to a difficulty when
trying to
	allow rt-mailgate to create new tickets.
	As I understand it, I need to allow ticket creation for the Everyone
	if 'outside' email users are to create new tickets.  Unfortunately,
I don't
	have an Everyone group.  OK, I can add one.  I tried looking here:
	For information on the characteristics that this group should have,
	struck out.
	Where should I look to find out how to set this group up properly?

Are you saying that RT 3.4.5 had no Everyone group in the DB? What do you
get when you run the following query:

SELECT * FROM Groups WHERE Domain = 'SystemInternal';

Best regards, Ruslan. 

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