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Michael Steen michael.steen at livetext.com
Tue Apr 23 21:57:26 EDT 2013


I did something of the sort when a user here said that a particular wording
was not indicative of its meaning (basically, he did not like to see "Input
must match [Mandatory]").  For our case, I modified our installation as



Changed Line:
my $msg = loc("Input must match [_1]", $CF->FriendlyPattern);

New Line:
my $msg = loc("Field must match rule: [_1]", $CF->FriendlyPattern);

I see the "message" you are referring to in
/opt/rt3/share/html/m/_elements/ticket_menu.  Editing the element for your
local installation may or may not be the most portable and maintainable
way, but it worked for our site and nobody was harmed.  Since your similar
situation has come up, I would be interested to find out what the usual or
best practice is for site-specific wording.  It's clearly a matter of
preference for our site, and the message in question does not appear
elsewhere (AFAIK), so I left it at that, but perhaps updating
local/po/en.po will turn out to be the recommended way.  Some information
about updating translations is here ->



On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 4:51 PM, Ken Johnson <kjohnson at eclypse.org> wrote:

> I would like to change the 'Reply' and 'Comment' link labels within RT to
> something like 'Public Reply' and 'Private Comment' to make their
> respective
> functions more obviously explicit to staff who will use RT only
> occasionally.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to structure a google
> search to return useful information on this topic.  I would be grateful for
> any hints.
> Thank you,
> Ken
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