[rt-users] unowned tickets not showing?

Jok Thuau JThuau at spacex.com
Wed Apr 24 16:55:01 EDT 2013


I have a RT 4.0.6 on debian squeeze, with postgres as a backend (8.4)
running for a while now. I'm getting reports that *some* tickets, even
though the owner is set to "nobody", are not showing on the list of
unowned ticket for people. One of the users is "managing" the queue and
assigning ticket. She's got a few ticket she "found" by looking at "new"
tickets (from the list on the right of the main page), that are not
showing for her in the "unowned" tickets. My first thought was that she
had too many and the "missing" ones where just the 21st and 22nd tickets
on the main page. I was wrong. She showed me, she only has 5 tickets
listed as "unowned", and 2 more if you look at the all tickets in queue,
and those have owner set to "nobody".

I'm a little confused as to how I can tackle the problem at this point.
Logs don't show much, the ticket is in thereŠ there is only one "nobody"
user in the DB. Anybody seen this before?

| Joachim Thuau | IT Systems Engineer - Linux / SpaceX |

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