[rt-users] Searching and comparing two date field values instead of value with supplied valid

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Sun Aug 11 03:23:32 EDT 2013

Landon wrote:

Sorry for hijacking your question/thread.
> Is there any way to search for tickets while comparing two field values?  
> This doesn't work:  
> Queue = 'Incident Reports' AND Created < CF.{SpecialDate} AND Status = 
> 'new'
> It doesn't like the string "CF.{SpecialDate}" because it's not 
> enclosed in quotations and therefor not a string.  Which is what I 
> want to do but cannot I guess.  The error displayed on the RT UI is:
>     Wrong query, expecting a VALUE in 'Queue = 'Incident Reports' AND
>     Created < >CF.{SpecialDate}<--here AND Status = 'new''
I'm looking at something similar. I would like to check whether the 
ResolvedDate is past the DueDate but that is also not possible. I seem 
to remember that this has been asked before but can't seem to find that 
thread anymore. Probably searching with the wrong keywords so if someone 
can point me in the right direction, please?



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