[rt-users] 'Articles' custom fields not working after upgrade to RT4 from RT3+RTFM

Simon Detheridge simon at widgit.com
Tue Aug 27 08:39:08 EDT 2013


Upgraded from RT3 to RT4, as follows:

Installed RT4 on new box, from debian RPMs in Ubuntu 12.04. Copied RT3 database across to new box via mysqldump and ran necessary db migrations, plus upgrade-articles script.

All seems to have gone smoothly, except custom fields for articles appear to be broken. Here's what happens:

- All article classes are listed, and populated with the correct articles
- Viewing an article shows everything except the article content (no custom fields)
- Modifying an article does not show custom fields for modification in the content section
- "Tools -> configuration -> articles -> custom fields" shows the correct custom fields, and also shows correct values in the "applied" column to show that they are applied to the classes.

So, it looks like my custom fields are mangled somehow.

Furthermore, this happens, which is odd:

- Create new custom field for articles
- Go to "Tools -> Configuration -> Articles -> Select -> ArticleName -> Custom Fields
- Can see my new custom field under "Unselected custom fields"
- Select my new custom field, click 'Submit'
- Custom field is now gone. It is not listed under "Selected custom fields" (nothing is)
- Go back to "Tools -> configuration -> articles -> custom fields", custom field shows as being applied to the class I just applied it to
- Custom field does *not* appear on articles or article modification page themselves.

Any idea what's come adrift here?

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