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We use kind of the same idea here. We have an offsite/contract level 1 desk that charges per incident and type. We have created a custom field called "TAG" with the valid resolution type. The search can then be done from the Simple Search by using  "cf.TAG:value"

Tools > Configuration > Custom Fields > Create will get you to the setup.

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On our old helpdesk (hand written php/mysql setup) we had different categories that a ticket could be put into. The choices were like:

New user

We have set up RT with a main queue that the ticket then gets routed to either one of two sub queues as we have two different I.T. groups in our agency. Instead of setting up a queue for each category what would be the best way to be able to check categories for stats? I was thinking keywords/hashtags in the resolution. Anyone else have ideas or pointers?

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