[rt-users] Take in menu of an already taken ticket

Guadagnino Cristiano guadagnino.cristiano at creval.it
Fri Dec 27 08:30:30 EST 2013

Hi Jim,
thank you for your reply.

I see "steal" too, if I'm not the one who took the ticket.
But now, in 4.1.2, I see "take" even if I'm already the owner of the ticket.


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Oggetto: Re: Take in menu of an already taken ticket


In the 4.0.x version, I see "Steal" as an item in the Action menu.


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Hi all,
we have a minor problem with our production RT 4.2.1.

We see a "take" action in the "Actions" menu of already taken tickets.
I never noticed something like this in previous RT releases. Is this normal?


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