[rt-users] is default sphinx.conf 'sql_query' enough?

Subin subin at opensourcesolutions.co.in
Sun Feb 3 06:44:03 EST 2013

Hello all,

Isetup RT v4 with fulltext with indexing.I used the default sphinx.conf 
where the 'sql_query' to fetch data for indexing is like:

/*sql_query  = \ SELECT a.id, a.content FROM Attachments a \
JOIN Transactions txn ON a.TransactionId = txn.id AND txn.ObjectType = 
'RT::Ticket' \
JOIN Tickets t ON txn.ObjectId = t.id \ WHERE a.ContentType = 
'text/plain' AND t.Status != 'deleted'

sql_query_info = SELECT * FROM Attachments WHERE id=$id

*/My questionis:

I'd like to fulltext search for patterns/words both in the 'subject' and 
'body'of an email ticket
from the RT's web interface 'Search' box.Is it possible with the above 
configs of sql_query*?If
not please let me know what more should Ineed to add?

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