[rt-users] how to make updates to already existing tickets or records reflected into indexes quickly

Subin subin at opensourcesolutions.co.in
Mon Feb 4 11:58:23 EST 2013

Hello all,

Thanks to Arkadiusz Miskiewicz for sharing his knowledge here:


My question is based exactly on this config which I find is good.

"As per my understanding" the 'delta' index makes newly created
rows/records available by using 'SphinxCounters' table. That is
the delta index which will be run every 15 minutes will check if
any row which has 'id' greater than the 'id' stored previously
in 'max_doc_id' column of 'SphinxCounters' table. If greater
then it will read the source and then add the new record to the
'delta' index.

If an edit/update happens to an *"existing"* ticket/document/row in
the source database, how will this change get updated into indexes
quickly? So according to this config, we will need to wait until
the next time the 'main' is reindexed again, right? If true how
can we have a workaround for this problem?

Please excuse and let me know if I made any wrong assumptions

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