[rt-users] Problem with __maps__

Martin Klíma martin.klima at warhorsestudios.cz
Thu Feb 7 04:31:53 EST 2013


Last week we have installed Request Tracker in our office. When customizing it I have encountered a problem I was able to solve but there are some issues I would like to point out.

I created a custom lifecycle in RT_SiteConfig and assigned it to a queue. This worked without problem. There was an open ticket in the queue and when the lifecycle was changed, it stayed in the 'open' state. As there is no 'open' state in our custom lifecycle, it was impossible to do anything with it. I tried to move it to another queue with default lifecycle, but I got " There is no mapping for statuses " error message, even though I created __maps__ entry. I then spend about two hours debugging Lifecycle.pm and looking for syntax errors in my config, re-reading documentation until I finally realized that __maps__ is not entry in the my_custom_lifecycle 'subhash' but rather an entry directly in the Lifecycles hash. I suggest that this sentence from the documentation:

> The lifecycle configuration has a __maps__ entry to allow you to specify the mappings you want between different queues.

is at least ambiguous, if not misleading.

I then got another error message, "Mapping between queues' lifecycles is incomplete". After more debugging I realized that as the issue is in the 'open' status which is not a part of the custom lifecycle, there is obviously no entry for it in the hash that maps custom lifecycle states to those of the default one. After adding 'open' => 'open' to the map everything worked.

The main issue seems to me that assigning a lifecycle to a queue does not migrate the tickets in the queue to a new lifecycle. I should have got "There is no mapping for statuses" error when I was assigning the new lifecycle. Strangely, I was not able to change the queue lifecycle back to default: no error message was shown, but the lifecycle did not change. This problem persists even after I moved all tickets from the queue.

Best regards,

Martin Klima, Warhorse Studios
web: http://www.warhorsestudios.cz

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