[rt-users] "Helpdesk Support" in all correspondance

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Thu Feb 7 10:24:38 EST 2013

On Wed, Feb 06, 2013 at 05:25:14PM -0800, joegrace13 wrote:
> When ever a ticket is replied to this phrase appears:
> -----------------------------------
> On 2/6/13 6:02 PM, "Helpdesk Support" <helpme at mycompany.com> wrote:
> -----------------------------------
> I want to change this (perhaps to the users name or email address) but I
> cannot for the life of me find what controls that wording. I can't find
> "Helpdesk Support" in any of the config files.
> Can somebody point me in the right direction?

RT's default is to put the 'Actor's name in the From: when replying.
So, if you get an Autoreply from our RT system, it would come in as 
the Queue's Description followed by the correspond address.
From: "Bugs in RT" <rt-bugs at ....>
but if I reply to a ticket, the mail would come out as
From: "Kevin Falcone via RT" <rt-bugs at ...>

Keep in mind, your mail client may have remembered that the first mail
it ever saw came from Helpdesk Support, so check that this isn't a
client issue rather than something RT is generating.

Of course, it's possible to configure RT to always send the queue's
description by changing templates, and folks do that.

You're already doing something interesting because RT's default is to
include that via RT.  Go check your templates and your
FriendlyFromLine settings.  You may also want to clarify *where*
you're seeing this header.

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