[rt-users] Getting message 'Could not load ticket new' when attempting to create ticket in rt4

Portfolio Aid pahelpdesq at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:25:41 EST 2013


I recently upgraded from RT3 to RT4 and noticed an odd error message when
attempting to create a new ticket in any queue.  Immediately after
submitting the ticket, I get the message 'Could not load ticket new'.

After doing some digging, I realized that 'new' is the default Ticket id
assigned during ticket creation and that the user is supposed to be
directed to Display.html if the ticket is successfully created.  Looking at
the source of Display.html, I realized it was calling LoadTicket($id)
during it's initialization where $id is set to 'new'.  But it is doing this
before actually calling the Ticket create function and that is why the
error gets reported.  Removing that line results in me generating the
ticket successfully.

I checked back to my RT3 source and found that this LoadTicket call is not
included within the same init section of Display.html.  I'm wondering if
there could be some sort of configuration problem I have because obviously
the LoadTicket call should be there in RT4.  Would anyone happen to be
familiar with this issue?  Thanks in advance.

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