[rt-users] Email to watchers has lost its "From"

Beachey, Kendric Kendric.Beachey at garmin.com
Thu Feb 28 15:20:42 EST 2013

Hi all,

This is kind of a weird one.  We've had RT 3.6.5 up and running great for over three years (and version 2.something for probably 8 years before that) and just today we've seen a change in how emails to queue watchers come across.

Previously, any email RT sent out when a ticket was created, corresponded, etc., would appear to come from the person who initiated the action (the requester or commenter, etc.).

But starting today (apparently), the email just appears to come from the queue address inside RT instead.  (queuename at rt.ourcompany.com<mailto:queuename at rt.ourcompany.com>)

I haven't changed any options through the web interface in quite a while, and the config files on the filesystem haven't changed in about a year.  I'm leaning toward something changing in our corporate mail servers that has made it start dropping the header that RT is using to say who the email is from.

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?
Kendric Beachey


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