[rt-users] Fetchmail & Exchange 2003 have stopped playing nicely

Brent Wiese bwiese at ElementPS.com
Mon Jun 3 17:42:01 EDT 2013

What protocol are you using?

We use imap via TLS and we see this all the time in our logs, but it's actually working fine (first Exchange 2007, now 2010). I think it has unsupported auth mechanisms in its list, so we see these as it tries them, then fails to the next one.

Fetchmail has a non-daemon run mode that can give you a lot of info (fetchmail --vvv --nodetach --nosyslog -f /path/to/fetchmail-config-file)

Brent Wiese

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Now my fetchmail services on both servers no longer work. I keep getting authentication errors:


Nothing I'm trying seems to work correctly. I'm guessing it's security patches on our Exchange server because this was working fine on our first server for over a year.

I'm Google-ing RT and Exchange and not coming up with anything. Does anyone have any suggestions or links? Thanks!

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