[rt-users] "More About Requestor" - Rights problems

Weiss, Robin Robin.Weiss at brd.nrw.de
Fri Jun 14 05:51:38 EDT 2013

Hi !

We are using RT 4.0.13 and we need more infos for the users, so we added

Set($MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo, " WorkPhone, Organization, Address1, Address2 ");

in  RT_SiteConfig.

But normal privileged RT Users can only see WorkPhone and Organization in the ticketview. Only RT-Admins can see all items.
So it seems this could be an rights problem and I changed temporarily the right to manage users for all privileged users. Then every privileged user could see all four requestor infos. But this is not a real solution.

Is there a way to just grant the right to see user details for privileged users ?
Any other ideas how I can solve this problem ?


Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Robin Weiss

IT-Systemadministration, Dezernat 14
Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf
robin.weiss at brd.nrw.de<mailto:robin.weiss at brd.nrw.de>

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