[rt-users] Question about restricting queues

Chris Hall hiro24 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 14:33:07 EDT 2013

I've got a bit of a weird problem, and wondered if anybody has a solution
for it.

We have several queues, and a few are grouped up by name.  For example:

Queue A tier 1
Queue A tier 2
Queue A tier 3

Queue B tier 1
Queue B tier 2
Queue B tier 3

The managers at the helpdesk are having a problem w/ ppl making a ticket in
Queue A tier 1, and then when they escalate it, accidentally transferring
it to Queue B tier 2 (instead of Queue A tier 2).  They asked me if there
was any way to group these queues up in such a way that, for example, if a
ticket is made in any of the Queue A's they are locked in and can only be
transferred between the Queue A's.

I hope that makes sense.  The problem is some of these queues are tied to
different businesses, and if we send out an email due to a ticket queue
transfer and it goes to the wrong company it looks bad on us.  I know
personal responsibility can go a long way to fixing this.... but besides
that, is there any way to do what I described above w/ RT?
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