[rt-users] Notify owners of new ticket not working totally

Cena, Stephen (ext. 300) SJC at qvii.com
Wed Jun 19 09:49:05 EDT 2013

I'm using the NotifyOwner plug in for extra notifications:
The Scrip is working, however its also sending out an email even if the
ticket gets an owner. It should only fire when the ticket is created and
the owner is "Nobody In Particular".
Here is my Scrip:
Desc: On Create Unowned Ticket
Condition: On Create
Action: Notify Potential Owners
Template: Global Template: Potential owners notification
Stage: TransactionCreate
Custom Condition:
return 1 if $self->OwnerObj->Id == $RT::Nobody->Id; 
return 0;
Is my custom condition wrong?
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