[rt-users] Changing the lifecycles __maps__

Landon landonstewart at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 16:59:19 EDT 2013


What we've done so far is taken a database dump of an existing RT instance
and created a new RT instance with it.  The new RT instance was then
upgraded to RT 4 and RTIR was implemented on top of it.  All the tickets
that did not belong to one of 4 queues were deleted and the following

4 old queues with tickets in them
4 new queues (Incident Reports, Incidents, Investigations, Blocks)

To move tickets from one of the old 4 queues we must define a lifecycle
__maps__ to define how the statuses are to be mapped.

My question is about the configuration of these maps…  Does one have to
write out the entire LifeCycles configuration and include a few changes or
can one simply add to the current defaults by just writing out the new

Would this be acceptable as a new configuration?
__maps__ => {
        'from SC-ABUS -> to Incident Reports' => {
                'open' => 'open',
                'resolved' => 'resolved',
                'new' => 'new',
                'stalled' => 'stalled',
                'deleted' => 'rejected'
} );

*or* is there some easier way even still for all of the existing queues to
have tickets moved to "Incident Reports" and retain the proper status?

Landon Stewart <LandonStewart at Gmail.com>
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