[rt-users] Possible to run Scrip every 30 minutes

Ryan Hardester Ryan.Hardester at ci.tracy.ca.us
Mon Mar 4 13:26:52 EST 2013

Is it possible to run a scrip every 30 minutes against a queue?


I would like to have tickets that come in to the general queue sit in an
unowned state, allowing for technicians to be able to take tickets, but
if they sit for a while (or just the arbitrary number of minutes pass,
not necessarily the tickets age) the round robin assign script I have
installed kicks in on those tickets. 


The idea I am going for is that if after a given period of time
*someone* should be responsible for a ticket, while allowing some time
for someone to grab a ticket they know is for them. As opposed to a pure
round robin assignment as it is now.



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