[rt-users] problem with PriorityAsString extension

Rob Chanter rchanter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 01:42:59 EDT 2013

Hi list,

I've installed the RT::Extension::PriorityAsString extension into RT4.04 on
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It does, as advertised, display priorities as strings,
but also seems to make an unwanted change to the Edit Queue page.

Before installing the extension, I get a normal input field into which I
can type a number for starting and final priority:

<tr><td align="right">Priority starts at:</td><td><input
name="InitialPriority" value="17" size="5" /></td><td
align="right">Over time, priority moves toward:</td><td><input
name="FinalPriority" value="22" size="5" /><br /><span><em>requires
running rt-crontool</em></span></td></tr>

After installing/configuring the extension, this is replaced by an
option list containing one entry, which looks like an arrayref.:

<tr><td align="right">Priority starts at:</td><td><select
class="select-priority" name="InitialPriority"><option
class="array(0x27250880)" value=""
align="right">Over time, priority moves toward:</td><td><select
class="select-priority" name="FinalPriority"><option
class="array(0x27250880)" value=""
>ARRAY(0x27250880)</option></select><br /><span><em>requires
running rt-crontool</em></span></td></tr>

I would guess the extension has a misplaced '@' where there should be
a '$'. Perl version is 5.14.2.

This prevents me setting the priorities in new or existing queues. Any
ideas on how to resolve it?


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