[rt-users] RT 4.2.6 Cannot attach multiple attachments when opening tickets

Lists lists at lolling.org
Thu Aug 21 15:34:44 EDT 2014


I recently upgraded our company ticketing system to 4.2.6 and noticed 
that we can no longer attach more than one file at a time when opening a 

I will try to describe the behavior.

1. Open new ticket in any queue
2.Click browse button next to Attach:
3. Browse for a file and click on the file (I notice you cannot select 
more than one file at this time).
4. Click add more files. The first file I selected is now listed with a 
check box next to it.
5 If I click add more files, the attachment disappears.
6. Go back to browse, add the file and it is added back.
7. Click browse, select second file, which is now listed by the browse 
button but not listed as file.
8.  If I click browse to add another file, that file replaces the file I 
previously tried to attach.
9. If I click "Add More Files" the last file I selected, is now listed 
as a file with a check box next to it but the first file disappears.
10.  If I go back and browse to add another file and then click create, 
the last file I browsed to is the one that is attached and displayed in 
the new ticket.

I hope this makes sense.  In version 3.8.1 (last version we were 
running) the users could attach multiple files when creating the 
ticket.  Was thing functionality changed at some point?  Is this a bug, 
a feature?  Is it a configuration option I missed somewhere?



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