[rt-users] Warning before sending correspondence

Ram ram0502 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 13:04:24 EST 2014

> > We just got ... singed ... when someone accidentally sent a comment as
> correspondence.  Even with the red background in the message box.
> >
> > I'm guessing that this is a common failure mode, and am wondering
> whether there is a { setting, plugin } that will pop up a "This is going to
> the Requestor ... are you sure?" alert before sending?
> There's definitely no setting and I don't think I've seen a plugin for
> this.  Although this sounds like one of those cases where a technological
> solution to a problem with people might not be the answer perhaps modifying
> the textbox with some default text (ie. "This response will be seen by
> customers - remove this text.") for correspondence with something they have
> to actually remove before typing might be a relatively simple way to
> achieve some warning.
I agree with Landon's opinion here, a pop-up alert is overly heavy handed.
Clearer wording should do it. I had a similar problem when we first started
using RT, my solution was to change the labeling. The easiest way to do
1 create a file: rt/local/po/en.po [assuming "en" is the language your
folks use]
2 in that file put the following text (I indented for clarity in this
email, you should not indent in the file):

msgid "Reply"
msgstr "Public Reply"

msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Private Comment"

be sure that the directory and file permissions are similar to other parts
of the rt folder so you don't get permissions errors. As usual when
changing RT config or files you should clear the mason cache (rm -rf
rt/var/mason_data/obj/*) and restart the webserver.

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