[rt-users] Forwarding an e-mail with an HTML alternative

Martin Drasar drasar at ics.muni.cz
Thu Feb 6 07:07:26 EST 2014


in our RT installation (4.0.6) we have a tool that sends e-mails to the
RT with Content-Type: multipart/alternative that I want to forward from
RT to all recipients. On the receiving end we have a scrip that
OnCorrespond notifies requestors, etc... I can make it send the
text/plain part easily, but I have troubles with the text/html part. I
have checked the templates.pod documentation where it states that if I
set the Content-Type inside the template to text/html, it will
autogenerate the multipart message and create the text/plain part by
itself. Which it does... but suboptimally at best. Is there a way to
just forward my handcrafted multipart message without much RT's

Thank you.


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