[rt-users] RES: Looking for info on apache2 configuration rt-4.2.2

Diego Andrade diego.andrade at stitelecom.com.br
Thu Feb 6 16:33:00 EST 2014

If you following the Marc's guide for Ubuntu 13.10 on Ubuntu 12.10 as he states in the comments you can follow the edits he did for the Debian 7.2.

Give a look http://binarynature.blogspot.com.br/2013/10/install-request-tracker-4-on-ubuntu-server.html

Diego Andrade.

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Assunto: [rt-users] Looking for info on apache2 configuration rt-4.2.2

I am at the next step of installing rt-4.2.2 on Ubuntu 12.10. (I had a working 3.6 RT install on a Fedora Server which is on life support at the moment and have to make this move)

The install went fine except for some issues with PERL modules I resolved but now I am at the web configuration spot. I am new to the configuration of the apache2 server with its multiple file configuration. Although it explains a lot in the web-deployment.pod it lacks telling you which configuration file to use.

I am looking for a HOW-TO for this or someone who has done this that can tell me which file the directives go. This server will only host an RT instance and nothing else.The web server is working but only for the "It Works!" page.


John J. Boris, Sr.
Online Services
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