[rt-users] How can I assign some users to Administrator?

Hajime Takase takase at axlbit.net
Thu Feb 13 21:57:07 EST 2014


Thank you for your answer.
I was actually guessing after I sent the email that those three tabs are
the category of the rights, not the user's position in system.I'm grad that
I could confirm that.


2014-02-13 23:44 GMT+09:00 Kevin Falcone <falcone at bestpractical.com>:

> On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 12:48:59PM +0900, Hajime Takase wrote:
> >    My question might be too ridiculous but I still could not
> >    understand what is 'Administrator' means in RT.How can
> >    I assign some privileged-users(staff) to Administrator?
> >    Does Administrator means 'SuperUser'? [1]
> http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/SuperUser
> >    If so, then what is the point of fixing the rights of Administrator
> >    when he or she have the global rights to do anything?
> >    By the way, I'm using 4.2 version.
> Your screenshot points to the tab labeled Administrators in the rights
> UI.  These are merely Rights we suggest might be useful to users who
> Administer your system.  This is to avoid having a huge long list,
> instead it is broken into three "chunks".
> If you grant someone SuperUser, they don't need any other rights.
> However, it's quite logical to give users Administrator level rights
> that aren't the complete SuperUser right.
> -kevin
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