[rt-users] Limit Notifications on one Queue but Tickets traveling to another, more verbose Queues.

Bartosz Maciejewski b.maciejewski at agriplus.pl
Wed Mar 5 12:41:25 EST 2014

W dniu 2014-03-05 17:49, Kevin Falcone pisze:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 05:20:20PM +0100, Bartosz Maciejewski wrote:
>> Normally on this stage Requestor is getting notify that queue has
>> changed, but if queue chaned from Complain queue there should not be
>> this notification. Also if someone is taking ticket or giving to
>> another Owner no notify as well should be send (if ticket is from
>> Complain Queue). Further more, if Warehouse decided that this is not
>> theirs case, and gives this ticket to Production Queue, there
>> shouldn't be notify on queue or user change. And for the final step,
>> if ticket is resolved, customer should have notify with explanation.
> You don't give your RT version and the answers vary based on that.
> You've also got a number of non-standard Scrips (On Queue Change
> Notify Requestor, etc).  You would need to tell us more about them and
> their globalness in order to comment.
> -kevin
Ah yes, RT is 4.0.10

Scrips are Global and are as follows:

1. On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment
2. On Commen Notify Other Recipients as Comment
3. On Correspond Notify AdminCCs
4. On Correspond Notify Other Recipients
5. On Correspond Notify Requestors and CCs
6. On Correspond Open Tickets
7. On Create Autoreply to Requestors
8. On Create Notify AdminCCs
9. On Owner Change Notify Owner
10. On Resolve Notify Requestors
11. On transaction, add any tags in the transaction's subject to the 
ticket's subjects

I think theese are in base installation of RT.

Also have two custom global scrips:

12. "On first correspond set owner to corresponder" (prevent resolved 
tickets by nobody)
13. "On Owner change notify Owner, Requestors, CCs and AdminCCs" (now I 
see its duplicate with addidtional actors to #9, I will combine this 
into one :)


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