[rt-users] Using UpdateStatus in a Search?

Garrett Michael Hayes (VI) Garrett at VerbalImaging.com
Wed Mar 26 14:25:49 EDT 2014

I am using the "UpdateStatus" value in the output of my "50 Highest
Priority Tickets" search to show which tickets have received new emails
from users (or updates from other support reps).  I would like to be
able to use that value as a search criterion, to create a search that
shows me ONLY tickets that have such updates.  However, I haven't been
able to find a syntax that seems to work.  I've tried a few
possibilities using the advanced editor for the search, but it doesn't
seem to be a recognized field for criteria searches.


Has anyone done this, or can anyone suggest a pointer as to how it might
be accomplished?


Garrett Michael Hayes

(Side comment:  As a complete newbie at setting up Linux and installing
things like Apache web server, etc. I found RT unbelievably frustrating
to set up and unbelievably rewarding once I managed.  Been on it now for
about 4 months, and just finally hitting something I want to do that I
haven't been able to solve with existing posts and articles.  GREAT


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