[rt-users] ticket # in email address?

Josh Tackitt tackittj at reed.edu
Fri May 9 14:20:57 EDT 2014

Is there any possibility of routing emails to an existing ticket by 
including the ticket # in the email address?  Something like, 
"rt+12345 at reed.edu" that would treat emails sent to that address the 
same as if they included the rt ticket # in the subject.

Here's the scenario I have in mind:

-An RT ticket exists.
-We need to provide an email address to a vendor and would like their 
emails to automatically be associated with the existing ticket.
-Currently, if we give them "rt at reed.edu" then every time they email us 
a new ticket is generated and must be merged.
-However, if we could give them an email address that includes the 
ticket number then all their replies would be part of the existing ticket.


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