[rt-users] Dealing with old CustomFields after upgrade from 3.6.10 to 4.2.4

LABANJ2 at nationwide.com LABANJ2 at nationwide.com
Tue May 27 16:31:59 EDT 2014

I am a newbie (but not an alcoholic... {:-)}):
I just installed a new 4.2.4 and even the update to the Oracle Schema went 
fine (I looked at the schema in the ../etc and looked at the schema in the 
Toad and they were fine.). However, I have a lot of custom stuff in the 
old installation and several Custom Fields and Custom Templates, and the 
ClearTrust on top of it, and so on... When I use the menu the PullDown 
Menu (that  is between [New Ticket In] [ThePullDownMenu] [Search Field] I 
will be fine on some items and on the "Custom Ones" I will get

: An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more 
details in RT's log files. 
When I go to logs, I will see lots of stack traces, like
[5416] [Tue May 27 19:52:36 2014] [error]: could not find component for 
path 'EditCustomFieldNWIE_UID_Callup_Lookup'

How should I approach the problem? Just brutal copy of old stuff from  
RT-3.6.19.../local/ did not work and asked me to download mod_perl and the 
likes (I work under FCGI under IHS 8.0).

Any good write-ups on the approach of upgrading the custom fields, custom 
templates, ClearTrust (I know perl well, but I do not know RT...)?

Jan Labanowski
labanj2 at nationwide.com
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