[rt-users] Ticket Updates only for Comments/Correspondence

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed May 28 13:41:04 EDT 2014

On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 11:42:18AM +0100, Richard McMahon wrote:
> In order to identify activity we have a series of dashboards that use 
> constraints like:
> updated < last week; updated < last month; Updated > '-4 weeks'
> This is getting cluttered up with minor transactions like e.g.
> Reference by Ticket  XXXX
> Member ticket XXX added
> Dependency by ticket XXXX added
> We would like to only list tickets where there has been a significant 
> updat ie
> comment or corresponce in the time window.
> From a query point of view it would be useful to have
> Last updated option that only included Comments and/or Correspondence
> transactions.
> ie
> Last Comment
> Last Correspondence
> Comments or pointers appreciated.

You can look to see how Updated is implemented in lib/RT/Tickets.pm
and extend a new keyword to join Transactions and limit by Type,
rather than doing what it does, which is simply to limit by a
transaction existing in the date range.

Other relevant code is the sub _Trans*Limit functions in there where
the actual query is generated.

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